[Raider] Application from brittanyfilth (Bretana Agresta)

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[Raider] Application from brittanyfilth (Bretana Agresta)

Postby brittanyfilth » Wed Dec 16, 2015 2:12 pm

Personal Information

Brittany, 27, Female.
Time Zone: (GMT -8:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)

Character Information

  • My main Job: Warrior(60)
  • My alts: Bard
  • About my gear and Lodestone: i205WAR Currently working all getting all my BiS gear for OT. I run full slaying. Have a few A1S & A2S pieces. I work full time so I do not have a lot of time to play other jobs. I work on and excel mainly on my WAR.

    http://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone ... r/9462768/

Player Information

  • Raids and trials I have completed:
    • Raids: None
    • Primals: Extreme modes
  • Previous MMO experience: Currently have the clears for A1S and A2S. Working on Thordan EX and A3S at the moment. I got the game fairly late and wasn't able to find a static for coil but have run a few of the turns.
  • I describe myself as: Ambitious
  • My control scheme: PS4 & Keyboard
  • TeamSpeak 3: Yes
  • Stable connection: Yes
  • Microphone: Yes
  • Previous Free Company: Siren - FC Static fell apart and was extremely inactive. EMP - Mainly casual players that only held back my progression. Quiet - Merged with Res because of inactivity. Decided not to join them.
  • What I expect to gain from Prime: More end game knowledge, friendships, leadership, and mainly some fun ^__^
  • What can Prime expect to gain from me: Active Player, Quality raider
    Peak DPS on opener in Deliverance: 1500-1380. Overall DPS: Pushing 1200.
  • Why do I want to join Prime: Looking for players who are on the same page as me. Also looking to teach and mentor others. I want structure and organisation and you guys seem like the perfect fit.
  • How did I hear about Prime: In-game. Have some friends in Prime.
  • Why you should we pick me over other applicants: I am loyal, determined, helpful, friendly, and social.
  • Comment: I'm one of a kind and if you recruit me I promise cheeseburgers, beer, and death metal. ^^

Gameplay Information

  • Raid Group: Any
  • Raid enviroment: Hardcore, Semi-Hardcore, Casual
  • Healer or tank PoV links:
    http://tinypic.com/r/vcxcnt/9 First couple raid days of A2S. A bit sloppy and hotbar unorganised. Better pulls since then. Only video I have at the moment.
  • How I deal with criticism:
    I embrace it as long as it's constructive. I aim to be a top tier player.

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Re: [Raider] Application from brittanyfilth (Bretana Agresta)

Postby Trella » Mon Dec 21, 2015 5:31 pm


Thank you for considering our Free Company in your search for a home/raiding group.
Unfortunately we are not currently looking for a Warrior to fill any raiding positions. In all honestly a hand full of our groups
are currently inactive from raiding until the next raid tier arrives. That said I strongly encourage you to apply and or request you application be placed on hold as the new raid tier approaches. This would put you in a proper position when we begin filling any holes in our raid groups.

If you still plan on pursuing a place in Prime outside of raiding. I regret to inform you our casual(non-raider) application process is very restricting for applicants. We only consider applicants that have strong ties with a long standing member in the Free Company. What I mean by this is unless someone from the Free company specifically writes on your applicant or comes to me vouching for you. We unfortunately cannot consider the application. This is because our player base is extremely precious to us and as it stands we are very comfortable with it. Any forced additions to this can only harm what we've created. I hope you can understand out position with this.

Until these conditions are met I don't know what else we could do for you concerning your application. If you'd like a recommendation on some raid groups we may know looking for a warrior we'd be happy to assist.

Thank you again for applying to Prime. We appreciate it very much.
Best of luck and please let me know if you'd like your app to be placed on hold.

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Silver Lighte
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